Vivo to Somaliland Masses for Another Successful Election: They Have Marked Another Historical Milestone Regarding Their Indigenous Democracy

maqaalTalo iyo Tusaale: Masharxiinta u orday golaha deegaanka waxan lee ahay. Waxad gudateen waajibkiinii wadani nimo ee distoorko ini siiyay. Waxan inii sheegayaa tartan xalaala oon mandaqdan hore loogu arag baad gasheen. Tartana sideedaba wuxu leey yahay nin badiya iyo nin laga badiyo. Sidaa darted waxan Inii leey ahay hadii lagaa badiyo si sharaf leh utahniyadee walaala haaga kaa helay.  Waxaanad sugtaa doorshada danbe hadii Alla yidhaa. Kuna qanac wixii doorshada ka soo baxa. Doorshadan waxa goob joogayaal ka ahaa dad farabadan oo kala yimid dunida dacaladeeda.
Dadka reer Somaliland waxay mar kale dunida u muujiyeen daris kale oo ku saabsan dumuqraadiyada.Somaliland waxay sameeyeen wax kudayasho mudun. Cashar lama ilaa waana ayay dunida u dhigeen markali.  Waxan hadalka kusoo koobayaa kabaro dadka xorta ah ee reer Somaliland casharkan qeemaha iyo qaayah leh ee ku saabsan dumuqraadiyada dadka.

Somaliland has demonstrated the durability of its democratic institutions, with few, if any, appropriate role-models amongst neighboring states. Again the Republic of Somaliland and its people have shown a hypocritical, a world short in ethics and what right another lesson on democracy is. In the recent municipal elections they taught whoever may lesson another lesson in indigenous democracy
The people of Somaliland showed our neigh hood dictatorships, the repressive one man regimes of Africa and the Middle East another unforgettable lesson on a homegrown democracy. I was struck when I saw Somalilanders in mega-lines who are lined up behind one another quietly and without any police supervision. People took positions in their polling stations as early as 2:00 am in the morning. The people enthusiasm level and energy was through the roof. The people did not feel the inconvenience of staying in long lines. They were all in their utmost happiness and everyone has lined up to exercise their right to vote. Clearly they are people who have high civic values who think their vote will make a big difference. That is why they were so tolerant to all the hardships they may come in their way. This attitude and peoples’ behavior the whole world witnessed is a sign of unparalleled political majority that do not exist in Africa and our neighborhood in
the Middle East. What you see here today is a nation so deep in their indigenous democratic values, and their long history of civilization of independence. We all know the soil of the Republic of Somaliland was the scene of rich and ancient civilization in terms of education, governance and civic engagement. This is the place where numerous world class Muslim scholars, military commanders and well-known religious figures are buried.

Advice to the politicians and candidates running for the local government
You need to remember elections are contests where citizens run for office. It is natural that some of these candidates will win and others will not win. If you win the election that is well and good and I commend and congratulate you for a job well-done. If you lose please you need to be contended the results supervised by the independent election commit. Stop bombastic, outrageous statements that falsely blame the election committee and other officials. You need to avoid of becoming a sour loser who blame others for his or her shortcoming. If you keep on doing that and get engaged with gutter with the politics of dictatorial neighbors, Somaliland citizens may punish you and your political may sustain a severe or event a terminal damage and you never be allowed another opportunity to run for office. Stay away from the charlatans who left Somaliland and everything they stand and join our enemies’-foreign created figments they call governments in the
former Somalia.
Warning to Somaliland’s jealous enemies
The Republic of Somaliland has passes a threshold where It can longer to be intimated by its enemies, no matter who they are and where they are. Today I would like to take the opportunity to slap another rebuttal on the face of an old diehard Siyad Bare officer called Osman Hassan. This man is relentless crusader against the republic of Somaliland and its people. These days he is in mourning and wailing mood, because even the foreign made Mogadishu figment-they call government realized that they can’t do anything about the aspirations of the people of Somaliland. This aged Siyad Barre dinosaurs has no idea how the Horn of Africa changed and the Republic of Somaliland has already becoming a regional power to be reckoned on. Another die Somaliland is a man called Yabarag whom I did not understand where his venomous hatred against the people of Somaliland is coming from. He himself is in his highest disappointment because his hallucinatory aspirations and
baseless predictions became a mirage and hogwash. One would be surprised to read the baseless trash and the false predictions this man pedals day in and day out. The good news is all his false predictions, and cheap propaganda has gone with the wind. He may be coming to his senses. The only crime the people of Somaliland committed is the reclaiming of their long lost sovereignty, independence and identity. Let me tell our enemies, Somaliland is for real, permanent and its independence and sovereignty is not subject for negotiations.  Our Republic was never handed cheap to us. Our independence tree was watered with the blood of our freedom fighters.  In the same token to keep it and preserve it, we are ready to sacrifice tens of thousands of martyrs and Majahids. I am warning you to refrain from your cheap attacks and mirage wishful thinking; a day will come when our rage may reach the boiling point and the forces of freedom will move to teach you and
the remnants of the former fascist regime an unforgettable lesson. Stay safe and keep away from the route of the freedom train. Stay away from this high speed train before it crushed you down and remember it is moving with the speed of light.
Warning to the fake claimers of Zeila, Djibouti-pretenders/impostors to ancient Zeila, which has abruptly came to an end in the recent municipal elections
Those who gave you the unopposed privileged in Zeila have committed a historical mistake we just have corrected in the last local government elections. The era of gifts has ended and it’s what has forced Somaliland to wage a second struggle to reacquire its independence. Those days are long gone, what you advocating and sable rattling for is to bring back that unopposed phenomena which is nothing but a dead dinosaur in the past. You are forced to accept the election. You got 7 representatives in Zeila, legitimately and legally you would may have to get only one or two, had the thousands of foreigners were not brought in from Djibouti.  How many seats you got would have been a true commensuration with your very tiny number in the general population.

Suleiman Egeh is a freelance writer and a senior science instructor


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