The Saylac issue is further more than wanting mayor and complaining election-related.‏

kawraxThis case election-related it been ended be4 3 months ago who were been complained or who were been achieved their goals it’s over, all of the 23 regions in the country the candidate been succeeded and he got the majority had take the mayor. if there is complaining it’s only between candidates is not between clans and waiver or concession tribe for other one about result of elections.

Anyways, it began in Hargaisa the something difference for claims, protest and complaining elections in country that existed in Somaliland as usually after during elections. great delegation were came in hargaysa  for Djibouti and Ethiopia from clan to complaining to other clan while the mid-clan want to help one of them instead of adjustment , although this clan were helped during the war SNM against Somalia.
The request were being answered soon by the chiefs government of them MUSE BIHI , and they hold in Hargeisa high ceremonies that MUSE BIHI said for his speech clearly  ” “”Isa clan have respect to help them their request for us why they were give us support during the SNM”‘
However, goverment and Museh bihi set up great deputation consist of members 6 ministers ,premier minister and haji ABDI WRABEH.the problems and death takes place in Borama had been known although I dont want to explain that.
Although that deputation had been destroyed in borama and made injury and death. however, they didn’t get execution for that issue from resistance public.this case still continue since 2012 until to day , and right now are going on discussion between hargeisa and Djibouti and result of this discussion will be achievement for speech
 INA BIXI, that speech is being disappointed actually how to get Isa clan for cost land sayla and lughaya then Sacad muse will take the providence although Isa doesn’t need that providence or economy.
Few months age were been begun for this plan, we notice the old men SAAD NUSEH have said in discussion took place in Hargesia “the Gadabursi clan have no any environment for cost Sayla and Luglaya and they agreed for the sattlement is only Isa (mamasan)and Isaq(sacad muse).
This mendacity or false have being existed for since 1980 till to day. in 1991 during the SNM were catching in Saylac and Lughaya the armed force consist of pure sacad muse clan until 1993 when the president IGAL had been removed that armed clan by restraint or coercion.
All of the mayors in saylac didn’t elect but they were loftiness for Isa clan . however, the first challengeable election was the last election happened recently and it discovered who has really belongs the land. This election was detected the false of  ISA and ISAQ while the Gadabursi is became absolutely the high majority.
Although the word and Somalia notice that,it has been confused by Isa and Isaq for this case and they attempt to get other plan, while they opened their borders to get solution and sweeping the Gadabursi clan their regions. but we are saying As Gadabursi Clan you guys Stop trying to make it happen. It’s not going to happen We will defend our land, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight we shall never surrender,
 Our Ugaas Nuur Said,’
Oh Allah’ How often have I made a man hostile to me sleep in the front part of the house,
How often habve I allowed a man against whom my flesh turned to continue speaking,
I am not hasty in disoute,’ how often have I shown forbearance’,
How often have I given a second helping of honey’ to the man who only waited to hurt me,
When I turn the sewing machine and acatter the seeds of treachery (or trickery)’.
The trao’ which I have prepared for him (my enemy) when he sets his chest ‘ on top of it.
How often have I caught him unawares.
Muhyadin Ibrahim Qawrah

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